Sunday, January 8, 2012

5th grade

I read the book, "Journey on a Cloud" to the kids. It is about Marc Chagall and ROCKS! The students made paintings of themselves on a cloud traveling anywhere they would want to go in the world. These turned out GREAT!

I saw these adorable snowmen somewhere online and had to do them. The 5th grade loved this project and I quickly learned that there was a good portion of the students that did not know what a profile was. So, this lesson paid off!

4th grade

4th grade studied one of my favorites (Hundertwasser) and looked at some of his artwork. This colorful tree drawing was inspired by his work. They did such a nice job!

We also talked about cityscapes vs. landscapes. Then I talked to the students about line and how we can use it in many different ways to create designs and pattern. The awesome cityscapes were cut out and glued to a warm or cool colored background.

3rd grade

The 3rd grade learned a little bit about Charley Harper and made collage birds in the style of his artwork. These were fun and turned out pretty cute!

I guess I was on a bird kick! We looked at photos of cardinals and practice drawing from an image. The kids then used oil crayons to blend colors and make an interesting sky. Great job, wouldn't you say?

2nd grade

Inspired by marymaking these ADORABLE Olivia/Oliver drawings turned out awesome. We read Olivia and were inspired by her trip to a museum. Since the 2nd grade studied Degas last year we chose to stick with Jackson Pollock for our artist. Great work, Nick!

These beautiful sunflowers were inspired by Van Gogh and the book, "Camille and the Sunflowers." The books tells a story of Van Gogh and is REALLY cute. The kids did awesome!

Friday, January 6, 2012

1st grade projects

1st grade learned how to draw an interesting perspective of themselves. They also added snow globes in their mitted hands. Great job! SO CUTE! These were painted with my new liquid watercolors (which I love!)

I read an old book I found called, "Walpole." Then I showed the kiddos how to draw a big, fat, blubbery walrus. They had so much fun! Then we talked about background, ice bergs, and how to mix paint colors using a double loaded paint brush! SO ADORABLE!

Catching up!

With the holidays and craziness at school I have been HORRIBLE about keeping this up to date! Here are a few Kinder projects we have been doing. I will keep adding things as I edit photos. Thanks for visiting.

Learning to draw a Hot Chocolate mug. SO CUTE! We added mini marshmallows for the final touh...

We read several Elmer books. The kinders learned about patchwork, collage, cutting, and gluing. Adorable elephants and jungles!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Birds on a Fence

The students and I talked about horizon lines, a farm-style fence, and fall-type birds. I showed them how to draw a fence with a ruler and then demonstrated how to draw birds (and supplied some "how to draw" pictures to help the students)and details to make the drawing complete. Then details were colored with crayons and colored pencils and the background and fence were painted with watercolor. WONDERFUL job 2nd grade! You did great!